Not-So-New Beginnings

So I decided to participate in Vegan MoFo this year though on the surface, it doesn’t fit into my schedule  nor line up with any immediate goals.  Yet, I’ve been wanting to experiment with WordPress, am trying to revive my blogging habits that seemingly died on my other blog, and have basically been a food documenter and enthusiast for most of my life.    I am mostly vegan in that I don’t purchase dairy products anymore, but I don’t exactly turn away food that may contain dairy or eggs that presents itself when I am particularly starving and not anywhere near my typical food of choice.

I have an active teaching studio and sporadic performance schedule, so eating, acquiring and making food isn’t typical around here.  Today I taught 10 harp and piano lessons — some one hour, others one half hour — and ate when I could in between.  This meant a stew/soup in a small bowl quickly heated up in the microwave and eaten three separate  times throughout the day.  This was the first serving, for breakfast.

It’s one of my basic stews:  saute in a large soup pot garlic, onion, carrots, mushroom, and salt in olive oil until starting to brown.  Add one can unsalted diced tomatoes, water to fill up the pot to halfway, italian seasoning, and black pepper.  Add a few handfuls of grain.  When the grain has cooked through, add some frozen corn, cooked beans, and chopped greens.  Grain this time  was quinoa, beans were my remaining garbanzos, mushroom was my one last remaining shitake, and the last of the baby bok choy was sliced up and added at the saute stage for the greens.

Can you tell I need to get to the grocery store?

So it’s after 10 PM and I still haven’t figured out the widgets and whatnot on WordPress, even though I spent a good amount of time researching while eating this quick stir fry after lessons.  Yes, all of it.

And I still need to practice harp, do yoga, and complete the daily 10 rows of crochet required to get a commissioned project done on time.  Happy Vegan MoFo!!


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