Harp Food: Pastries and Choking

Some last-minute plans came up last night that included going out to dinner when I wasn’t hungry.  And then, spontaneously, going to hear some live music after that until the wee hours of the morning.  This meant that I did not eat anything for a very long time.  While music satisfies me more than anything, I had an aching stomach when I got home.  I squirreled away some raw cashews and a few of the aforementioned oatmeal raisin cookies to improve my chances of sleeping.  Good thing I ate something more colorful earlier in the day for no meal in particular — maybe brunch?

Sauteed tofu, carrots, chard, corn, garlic, onion, white mushrooms, and olives.  How do you like that unfinished floor?

This weekend a favorite local nursery is having an open house, so today I paid a visit.  It was decorated to the hilt with holiday fare, which actually isn’t appealing to me, but the new addition’s roaring (fake) fireplace was.  I have been fantasizing about sitting near it while nibbling on my just-purchased delectable goodie among the pretty plants and crafts, since they told me last week they would have their french bakery open for business this weekend.  Turns out some licensing something got in the way and they can’t open the bakery until December.

I had gone with my camera to be able to snatch a picture of my treat and the surroundings, but to also talk to some people about playing harp there for special events.  After having that always-sort-of-awkward conversation, my other plans were foiled — I realized that if they were going to pass out pastries despite the bakery counter not being open like they said they were going to, they would have done so by now.  To ease my disappointment, I opted for a taffy from the register counter which a few minutes later I promptly choked on and spent the remainder of my time trying to desperately hide my inability to breathe.  Time to go! I think it greatly influenced my not wanting to bake anything sweet at home tonight.  Potatoes are more grounding than sugar after not breathing for a bit.  And now sleep.  The good kind.


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