Bright spots — squash and lemons

Possibly the only thing I like about the time change is that I naturally get up earlier.  Or, now that I think about it, maybe I just still haven’t adapted.  Anyway, alarm clocks were banished long ago, so waking when it starts to get light happens with the assistance of non-curtained windows.  I had butternut squash and a pot of black beans all cooked before 9 AM.

I also decided to make a lemon bundt cake as I have some meetings this week that could use a sweet addition.  I got through the entire recipe of the Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake before I realized that I really had intended on making the Coconut-Lemon Bundt Cake.  My biggest focus was to use my coconut milk, and somehow it escaped me that I had not done so until I was stirring the batter together.

This one is still delicious, though because of the agave it tends to brown easily.  And sometimes, you just can’t beat real sugar.  This cake needs something on it — I did not have enough cashews to make the icing, so I made a quick lemon glaze out of briefly boiling sugar, lemon juice, and lemon zest and pouring/brushing that over the top.   This picture was taken before the glaze was added, and yes I staged this on top of my piano.

It’s glowing! I so enjoyed the sun today.

Later this evening and I had a nice wrap of sorts — sauteed mushroom, onion, garlic, the rib of a chard leaf, and black beans layered over butternut squash and olives, the whole thing put back in the hot skillet to toast — yummy crispy warm goodness. Oh yeah and another bite of cake for dessert.


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