The Need for Chocolate

This is a blurry picture of a perfectly-shaped piece of homemade dark chocolate; I’m unable to take a better picture because the chocolate is, of course, now gone.  This bar sits atop the small saucer of one of my grandmother’s teacups.

Sometimes, I run out of chocolate.  It’s rare when I do, but when cashews aren’t cutting it and I can’t get to the store soon to replenish my dark chocolate reserves, I make my own.

This little bar sports peppermint and a bit of vanilla and tastes just like those Olive Garden mints from so long ago, minus the strange green stripe.  And it is crazy easy to make.

Combine equal parts coconut oil (melted) and cocoa powder, add agave nectar to taste.  Other possible additions:  vanilla extract, peppermint extract, nuts, fruit and/or extracts, flavored salt.

Spoon melted chocolate goodness into an ice cube tray, and place tray in the freezer.

Coconut oil solidifies at low temperatures, with no blooming.  If it’s taking too long to solidify, you’re opening the freezer too often and you’re better off just going to the store.

When it’s ready, it will pop out of the ice cube tray with ease, and the result is extremely smooth flavored chocolate in bite-size bits.  Savor it and the moment by serving it on something you love, from someone you love.