Mango Mousse

This, my friends, might be the easiest dessert you ever make.  And, it sports all the latest trendy descriptions — vegan, vegetarian, dairy-, egg-, gluten-, and sugar-free.

It firms up semi-solid in the refrigerator, about the consistency of full fat yogurt, so it’s delectable on its own or with, say, strawberries plus homemade granola = Triple Threat Yum.

Mango Mousse

one 14 oz can of full fat (not lite) organic coconut milk

one peeled mango (I prefer yellow Champagne and here’s how to cut it)

vanilla extract to taste

agave nectar to taste

Place all ingredients in the blender and mix well.  Pour into a small container and refrigerate overnight if you can stand to wait that long.  You will be rewarded with spoonable mousse-like foam that will be hard to put down and very easy to guiltlessly and joyfully put away (eat).

Can you imagine a chocolate version? OH YES.